About Durban

Durban is really an amazing city, one of the most culturally diverse around Southern Africa, having a rich and vibrant history and an exciting and beautiful present. The largest and most busy city on the province of KwaZulu-Natal (though not the capital city), Durban includes widely different coastal areas as well as landscapes, with more breathtaking mountain range in the area as well as the oldest game reserve around Africa not a long way away.

Also, it is called the most friendly city in South Africa, because of the great friendliness and openness of the people as well as the laid-back lifestyle which everybody here enjoys.

DURBAN Boasts All-Year-round Sunlight

The sub-tropical, along with nice wet summer season, moderate frost-free winter months, as well as a typical daytime temperature level which can be between 20°C and 23°C. Excellent!

Stunning Sandy Beaches

They extend on without end. Marvelous sandy beaches which vanish straight into the Indian Ocean in which the water (even during winter) has got a typical temperature of 19°C. Durban is actually a magnet for sun worshippers as well as surfers and it has already been ranked as among the world’s top ten family beach attractions by Lonely Planet’s Travel. You will find shark nets on the sea from the main beach locations and also they are patrolled from dawn to setting sun by lifeguards.

A Lengthy Viewpoint Which Is Perfect For Long Walks and Bicycle Tours

Stretching out from uShaka Beach around the southern area to Country Club Beach on the north, Durban’s beach front viewpoint provides tourists a continuous ten kilometers of spectacular sea sights, and also a wide array of restaurants and cafes, open-air amusement as well as local craft markets.

There’s Always A Thing You Can Do In DURBAN

Lengthy relaxing days invested on the beach. Sexy evenings outside inhaling the salty sea fresh air. Gatherings along with friends around restaurants that provide the very best in seafoods, curries, steaks or conventional African cuisine. Loads of clubs and cafes. Heritage routes that allows you to see the place Mahatma Gandhi resided, in which Nelson Mandela throw his historic vote in South Africa’s 1st democratic elections, encounter township life featuring its taverns and fortune-telling sangomas, or acquire a few understanding of Zulu culture. Several of the largest shopping centers around the Southern Hemisphere. Galleries and museums. Crafts and arts markets. Concert events. Biking. Bird watching. Kite surfing. Durban has everything!

DURBAN Is Definitely The Sports Capital Of AFRICA!

With regards to holding well-known sporting events, Durban is much in front of the game! Recently, the City was mixed up by the thrills of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and gained global popularity of its legendary Moses Mabhida Stadium in which seven global games were performed. Let alone its excellent sporting spirit as well as all-round ambiance, particularly along in the Fan Fest, the only real beachfront Fan Fest around Africa. Organizers as well as challengers on the A1 Grand Prix ranked Durban as being the best host city over the circuit. Various other hosting achievements are the Cricket World Cup, Rugby World Cup, the yearly Durban July Handicap (horse race event) as well as the worldwide renowned Comrades Marathon, along with the Mr Price Pro, the Quicksilver ISA World Surfing Championships and various other premier surfing tournaments.

DURBAN Is In The Center Of The KWAZULU-NATAL’S Numerous Splendours

KwaZulu-Natal is the sole region in South Africa which offers you the total African experience. Leopards, lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, buffaloes, crocodiles as well as other African wild animals. A few of the highest sand hills around the Southern Hemisphere. Among the best dive spots on earth. Among the most stunning mountain ranges around Africa where you can find five hundred known spots of San rock art, as well as dinosaur eggs. Waterfalls, rivers, gorges, battlefields, and of course, among the most exciting and prideful cultural communities in Africa – the Zulus!


Durban is a vital center of trade and industry as well as a leading global business investment spot. Not just Durban possess the best manage and economically strongest local government in the region, this also possesses the largest and most busy sea port around Southern Africa, as well as an aerotropolis with the most secure shipment terminal on earth!

Durban’s seaside spot, trade port, sea port and excellent train, road and air services provide it with a unique edge over several centers in South Africa for export-related market.

Located thirty five kilometers north of Durban, Dube TradePort is the country’s leading air shipping base and major gateway to almost all of the regions of Africa as well as the world. This includes King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) as well as a totally integrated shipment terminal, trade zone, farming area along with a town being developed along green concepts.