bookmark_borderHow You Can Find The Best Birdwatching Spots In Durban

A number of incredible birds can be seen in Durban and in the surrounding areas. Because of this, a lot of people travel to South Africa specifically because of birdwatching. If this is something that you are planning on doing, you will want to glimpse as many birds as possible.


While you can see a variety of birds while walking around Durban, you won’t be able to see rare birds that way. If you want to see a number of birds up close, you are going to have to look for the best birdwatching spots in Durban.

Follow these tips if you’re planning on birdwatching in the Durban area.

1. Find A Birdwatching Tour

If your primary goal is to see a lot of birds, you should consider going on some sort of birdwatching tours. There are a number of tours available, and some of them are a big hit with travelers.

Because there are so many kinds of tours, you can find something that is well-suited to you. If you have a lot of experience birding, you can go out with other expert birders.

2. Talk To Other Tourists

Reach out to other tourists that have been to Durban in the past. Find out if they went birdwatching while they were there. If they did, see if there are any spots that they would recommend.

You can learn a great deal by listening to people have visited Durban before. Talk to as many former tourists as you can. They should be able to pass along some valuable advice.

3. Join A Birdwatching Community

If you aren’t a member of a birdwatching community, you should try to join one as soon as you can. A lot of these communities are filled with experienced birders, and they can be an incredible resource.

If you join a community, you can find out how to discover great birdwatching spots. You can also learn about Durban specifically. This area is famous for birdwatching, and it is likely that many people in a birdwatching community will have traveled there in the past.

4. Do Some Independent Research

Sometimes, the best way to learn something new is by researching it yourself. When you go online, you can find out all about the top-rated birdwatching locations. You can see which Durban spots are popular with locals, and find the spots that tourists love as well.

Take the time to read up on the various birdwatching spots in this area. Find the spots that you can get to on your own, and learn more about the spots that you will need to visit as part of a tour.

5. Head Out At The Right Time

If you want to see a lot of birds, you need to head out at the right time. Bird activity can change dramatically based on the time of day. Some birds are at their most active at the crack of dawn. Other birds only head out at night.

If you learn more about the kinds of birds that are native to Durban, you can plan your birdwatching expedition at the best possible time. You’ll be able to see all kinds of birds when you go out, and you’ll be able to snap all kinds of amazing pictures.

If you are going to Durban, there are a lot of things you are going to want to try to do. You’ll want to enjoy the beaches as well as the various local attractions. However, you should also make some time for birdwatching! You’ll be able to see barn swallows, red-backed shrikes, and so much more.

bookmark_borderIndulge In The Big Five Magic Of Kwazulu Natal Wildlife Parks

Kwazulu Natal, home of the legend of Shaka Zulu, celebrated the king of the Zulus from 1787 to 1828, is replete with a myriad of natural wildlife attractions. Kwazulu Natal is the land of the Zulus. Whether you want to explore, study or relax, Kwazulu is a wildlife lover utopia. The wildlife parks of Hluhluwe, Ithala, Ndumo and uMkhuze have consistently been voted as the best brands in Kwazulu Natal wildlife by visitors.


Kwazulu Natal has a lot to offer for the explorer, researcher or holiday maker. You can enjoy yourself by doing Durban city walking tours. A great way to take in the bustling street scenes. A Zulu dance or two is never far away. You will see a fascinating colonial, eastern and South African architecture and experience a ride in a minibus taxi and head for the township for chis-yama.

No trip to the city is complete without the traditional Durban bunny chow. Just remember is comes with strong curry. You will undoubtedly come across traditional medicines as you trail through town. There are plenty of places to enjoy a sundowner after a hard days walk.

hluhluwe_imfolozi_tours_safarisThe legendary Hluhluwe wildlife park was established in 1895, it is the oldest park in South Africa. Hluhluwe is not far from the Ulundi airport. King Shaka is celebrated to have protected wildlife in this area. By far one of the most fulfilling ways to soak in this wilderness gift is to go on a wilderness trail.

A short 3 days trail can be booked from Hluhluwe is home to the big five game species of lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and buffalo.The best season for experiencing safari is to come during the dry season between September and November. Water shortages cause the game to congregate around waterholes and vegetation is thin, enabling easy spotting of a variety of game.

Apart from the game, there is a rich source of fauna and flora and over 300 bird species. Moreover, the park is celebrated for its conservation efforts toward the critically endangered rhino.

ntshondwe-lodge-game-drive-480Nestled in the Ngotshe Mountains is the Ithala wildlife park. It is just about 400km north of Durban. It is a focal point for the archeologically inclined. It is here that the axe head and spears used many years ago were found, including the world’s oldest rock formations. The historical Voortrekkers arrived in Italy and it here that the well-known anglo Zulu and Boer war waged in the nineteen century.

Apart from its rich historicity and archeology Ithala is mountainous and a boon for the mountain climber. Game is available, together with an interesting species of insects, mammals, and reptiles. The premier place to stay undoubtedly is Ntshondwe lodge. This an establishment situated under the hill with a panoramic view of the Ntshondwe valleys.

At Ndumo wildlife park, Kwazulu Natal brings a utopia for bird lovers. This area alone boasts over 300 bird species. This ornithology paradise is also equipped with amazing fever tree forests. The game drives are offered in the form in open vehicles, here you can see white and black rhino, buffalo and hippo among others.


The chief focal feature of the park undoubtedly is the Nyamithi and Banzi pans. There are nature walks available for close encounter with a variety of ecosystems available in this park.

No trip is complete in Kwazulu Natal without visiting uMkhuse wildlife park. Also known as Sodwana Bay. It is part of the celebrated iSimangaliso wetland park. UMkhuse is about 350 kilometers from Durban while iSimangaliso is roughly 3.6 hours from Durban. Here you will find hyena, impala, kudu, elephant, giraffe and hippo. Your place of rest is Mantuma camp.

There are a variety of own catering units. At uMkhuse wildfire park, you can also indulge in guided fig tree forest walk in.


The Kwazulu Natal wildlife parks have everything for everyone. Whatever season you chose to visit, whether in the cool and dry season from May to August or hot and dry season from September to November; you are sure to experience a time of breathtaking natural splendor, mountain beauty, valley bushveld, riverine gorges, cascading waterfalls, forested pathways, forested dunes, brilliant coral reefs, scenic natural surroundings and majestic game.

bookmark_borderHere Are The Four Best Durban South Africa Curry Restaurants

South Africa is home to many great restaurants featuring all different types of cuisines. Curry restaurants that offer up authentic Indian recipes are some of the favorites. Durban is located in South Africa, specifically part of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and there are many great Indian restaurants there. This article is going to feature the best four and then mention a few other choices briefly at the end. That way you’re going to know which Indian restaurants you’re going to want to enjoy while vacationing in Durban.

mali-s-indian-restaurantMali’s Indian Restaurant is considered to be the best according to one travel site. There are pictures showing the interior of the restaurant, and it looks very nice, intimate, complete with peach tablecloths and wicker chair seating. The ambiance of the restaurant might be nice, but what can you expect when it comes to the menu? Butter chicken and Dragon chicken are just two of the menu choices, and there are all kinds of unique entrees to try. Mali’s is a favorite of the locals, so you know you can’t go wrong there.

11208658_381562905364865_7498799581063326857_nYou’re going to get great Durban curries at any of these featured restaurants that serve up Indian cuisine. However, this specific restaurant, Cane Cutters, is known for serving up some of the most delicious Durban curries. This restaurant is said to serve up home style food, which is authentic to the culture and gives you a taste of what it’s really like to eat in Durban. The Mutton Bunny Chow is evidently one of the most popular dishes this restaurant makes.


Goundens is the third restaurant we’re going to feature, and you can be rest assured mutton bunny chow is also on the menu there, too. Fish curry is a popular menu choice as well, and generous portions are mentioned in the reviews so you know. That’s good to know when you’re going to eat at a restaurant that you’ve never experienced before. Plus, who doesn’t want generous portions when you’re on vacation?

little-indiaThe Little India Restaurant is the 4th featured restaurant. Remember, you’re going to get some honorable mentions as well to help you find the best restaurant in Durban near you. This restaurant is found on Musgrave Road, and it’s definitely one of the best. Enjoy some fish curry, lamb saag or some other favorite dish along with masala tea and some live music. This place is known for having an entertaining atmosphere, so that means you know you can show up not just for the food but for the fun.

2811-35c609ddb092119306feaff2220a9869The first honorable mention I’m going to tell you about is Jeera, an Indian restaurant that is located on Battery Beach Road. Did someone say beach? Oh, you’re going to be doing plenty of cool things for sure while vacationing in South Africa, especially since you know which Durban restaurants to visit now. Jeera offers what is known as a tasting platter according to reviews, so that sounds nice, a way to sample the menu.

Jeera offers up all the favorites, so it would definitely be a good pick as well. Then there is The Oriental Restaurant, whose reviews again mention the Mutton Bunny Chow dish. If you visit Durban and don’t try that dish, I would be surprised. There are other restaurants in Durban that serve up different cuisines of course, but Indian restaurants are some of the best.


Bombay Blue is a third honorable mention. Then there is also House of Curries on Florida. Your original mission was to find the best Durban curry restaurants, and this one has it in its name, the House of Curries. Enjoy those delicious Indian dishes, and take notes so that you can make some of those recipes when you get back home.

bookmark_borderBest Places To Catch A Wave In Durban, South Africa

Warm waters, great weather, excellent breaks, a laid back attitude and some of the best shapers in the country make Durban South Africa’s surfing mecca.

To catch some of the best surfing action you don’t have to travel far from Durban’s teaming city center to find a wave that will put a smile on your face.

Here are five of the BB in and around Durban.

#1 Pigs Hut.


Pigs Hut can be found between Anstey’s and the well known Tidal Pool. Just ask a local for directions and you’ll be there in no time. This is a break that works best when the Southwest swell is running. Get there at high tide and enjoy some of the best fun available. Hollow breaks over both sandbar and reef make it exciting and there’s less of the aggression that you can see at other spots such as Cave Rock where the pro and semi pros hang out. Just about suitable for everyone from beginner onward. Watch out for ‘tax collectors’ as the local fisherman call them (sharks for those non locals).

#2 Bay Of Plenty.


The world famous Bay of Plenty has waves that can excite even the veteran – when it’s working – and that’s fairly often in autumn (fall), winter and spring. Waves are best during the south, southeast and east swells. Big south means big fun. Shifting sandbars in the last couple of years have reduced the number of days when it’s world class – but the mellow crowd and great vibe, as well as awesome take away restaurants nearby make up for the sometimes disappointing size and shape of the waves. It can get a bit crowded. Probably not best for beginners.

#3 North Beach.


When the swell comes from the south and the winds in the west North Beach can deliver some of the best right hand tubes in the world. If you’re body boarder this is wave heaven. Best for intermediate to advanced surfers. Shortboards are also seen in profusion. As with most surf spots on Durban’s ‘Golden Mile’ it can get crowded, but everyone’s pretty mellow. Also the water’s warm, the sand is clean and the attractions of the nearby take out options shouldn’t be underestimated.

#4 Vetch’s Reef.


Head east around the Bluff and this is the first break you’ll see. If you’re not an advanced surfer then this is not the break you’re looking for – move along unless you can handle waves that come in with the power of the entire Indian Ocean behind them. A mistake here will see you smashed into a reef covered in Sea Urchins. When the northeast swell is running this spot can get crowded with some of the best surfers in South Africa. To make it even more exciting the odd Great White also patrols the reef. Keep your cool and you’ll be treated to the longest wave in Durban.

#5 New Pier.


A leap of faith off the end of the pier will put you right in the action. Only a short paddle will put you in the lineup for a great (sometimes world class) right hand tube. Swells running south, southeast and east bring out the crowds and when the wind is blowing from the southwest it’s tube city. As with most spots in Durban it can be crowded with anyone form body boarders to long boarders.

Warm water and a mostly laid back crowd, along with some easily accessible waves make Durban (also known as ‘Surf City’ a great place to enjoy one of South Africa’s best places to enjoy a world class surfing experience. Get wet today.